We created an ambient campaign that proved how this life-like synthetic lawn can thrive anywhere, no matter the conditions.


People are skeptical about buying synthetic lawn as they often feel it isn’t enough like the ‘real thing’, and aren’t aware of its many benefits versus real lawn.


Due to Western Australia's harsh sun, it often makes it hard to grow luscious green grass.

On the contrary, Green Planet Grass offer extremely high quality synthetic lawn that will look full of life no matter what environment it is in.


To demonstrate how Green Planet Grass can thrive anywhere, we “planted” it in places that lawn could not possibly grow in. It also acted as a live product demonstration, showing off the life-like quality of the synthetic grass underneath peoples' feet.

We began by targeting high foot traffic elevators in the CBD - the most artficial environment you could think of. 

To truely prove that Green Planet Grass could thrive anywhere, we continued to find even less expected places for grass to grow.

From environments with entirely articifial lighting...

... to places with hardly any light at all.

We even performed the ultimate test by exposing the grass to our harshest conditions in the Pinnacles Desert, a popular West Australian tourist destination, proving that Green Planet Grass can truely thrive anywhere.